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Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque Roof Tile similarity of the nervous system and print the image on the cover of the journal "Cell Report," the publication of "Alzvyyr"
Persepolis in Iran(takhte jamshid)
Greeks of ancient Persepolis in Iran said it was told gamers and forty minaret. Gamers or Persepolis is one of the ancient cities of Iran Achaemenid capital has been for years. Alexander the Macedonian Greek general strike on Iran, and this place was on fire.

But the ruins of this place still stands. This place is now a UNESCO World Heritage registered in Iran.

Persepolis, a series of magnificent palaces that were built in the year 512 BC and completed it lasted 150 years.

Building Darius at Persepolis in about 518 BC, began. First general Yatkhtgah prepared long and it Apadana Hall and the main stairs and palaces built Tchra.

After Darius, Xerxes his son another hall called the Hall of His gift be built and the design of building Hall of hundred columns poured. Ardeshir index ended the Hundred Columns. Artaxerxes III began another building remained unfinished. The buildings are made on the basis that they are part of a monolithic rocks, or they were carved on the mountain.

By making this great Ebonite Achaemenid imperial majesty wanted to show the world your big day.

In late 1312 due to excavation solar platform in the northwest corner of Persepolis clay tablet in the shape and cut of about forty thousand seals were praying. Elamite script was written on the tablets the words. After reading turned out that the documents Elamite tablets of Persepolis is spent building palaces. Some Persian and Elamite tablets from the line. The discovery of the tablets, theories that asserted the palaces of Persepolis like the pyramids of Egypt, the oppression and forced labor, the peasants made was wrong.

Workers who were involved in the construction of Persepolis, from different nations such as Iran and Babylonian and Elamite and Assyrian, Egyptian, Greek, and were formed that were considered all those subjects Imperial Government of Iran.

Clay, based on the writings discovered in Persepolis in the construction of this magnificent building architects, artists, craftsmen, workers, women and men were numerous in addition to the salaries of the workers' insurance benefits were also used. The construction of this large and beautiful sets the narrative lasted 120 years.

Alexander the Macedonian in their onslaught on Iran in the year 331 BC, Persepolis was on fire. Historians do not unanimity about the cause of the fire. Some consider it unintentionally caused an accident, but some malice and revenge and retaliation Alexander destruction of Athens by Xerxes know the real cause of this terrible fire.

The full extent of the palaces of Persepolis is 125 thousand square meters on a platform of a height of between 8 to 18 meters above the plain is Mrdvsht, built and consists of the following key areas:

Formal palaces of Persepolis (Palace Gate of All Nations)
Drawing homes and small palaces dedicated
Royal treasury
The fortified castle Protection
Xerxes Gate entrance stairs and platforms

The stepped from each side of 111 wide steps and a short (height 10 cm) are.

The staircase, the entrance building Persepolis, "[Great Gate]" or "[Xerxes Gate | Gate of Xerxes] 'or Gate of All Nations, is located. The building height is 10 meters. It had a main entrance and two exit gates remnants of it remain today.

The eastern and western gates and the winged men plan and design two bulls with human heads carved stone. The gate at the top with six cuneiform inscriptions have been decorated. The inscriptions of the names of Ahura Mazda briefly states that: "The Bdydh beautiful, accepted the will of Ahura done."

One facing south and the other two output gates are the East and the South Gate of the palace, or Grand Palace once there.


Apadana Palace is in the North and East has two sets of stairs. Eastern stairs of the palace that the two staircases - one facing north and one facing south - have been formed, Hjaryshdhay motifs in their side walls. Stairway to the north roles of the Medo-Persian commanders, while lotus flowers in their hands, were carved.

In front of the Imperial Guard commanders are seen tribute. In the upper row of the wall, the role of individuals as gifts or who are close to the palace there.

The south-facing wall of the stairs images of representatives of different countries as well as gifts that can be seen in their hands. Each section of this sculpture is dedicated to one of the United Nations.

Apadana Palace is the oldest palaces of Persepolis. The palace that was built by order of Darius the Great, to hold New Year celebrations and acceptance of representatives laid related to the king.

The House by a staircase in the southwest part of the "House Tchra" or "Mirror Palace" linked. Apadana Palace is composed of 72 columns that are currently in force bottom 14 columns of the porch columns Round House, but the bottom is square-shaped pillars inside the palace.


Tachara or Tchra mean winter home. The palace was built by Darius the Great House was dedicated to him. The inscription reads: "I Tachara Darius I built this."

The palace is a museum of the ancient Persian inscription in the House are up lines Jlvyyhay view Egyptian side of the top of the column is used. The main part of the palace of Darius the Great and Ivan and South stone stairs stone stairs by Xerxes and Artaxerxes II West was built.


His gift was the private palace of Xerxes Palace of Persepolis is located in the highest part of the gallery. The palace is connected via two sets of stairs to the palace of the queen.

This place is fire likely started because of the hatred that the Athenians had from Xerxes burned for him to Athens. Yellow stones represent all the water in the rocks because of the heat.

6 * 6 column had a small place. Because of the devastation was not very much information available about this House have called here as the mysterious House.

Queen's House

Queen Palace was built by Xerxes and the other buildings located at lower altitudes.

Part of the House in 1931 by the famous orientalist, Professor Emile Ernest Hertzfeld, excavation and re-Tjdydbna and today as a museum and headquarters facilities have been used Persepolis.

Imperial Treasury

The building, which contains several halls, rooms and a central courtyard with a huge wall separated from the rest of Persepolis.

House Sdstvn

The extent of this House is about 46,000 square meters and its ceiling by a hundred columns, each 14 meters high have kept laid up.

Council House

This place is called the Palace of the council or central hall. Here is probably the king with the elders to discuss and consult Myprdakhthast. With regard to the motifs carved from one of the gates was the king arrived and laid out two other gates.

Because here the Council House say here that there are other places across columns and human heads symbolizing man is thinking.

Finally, Persepolis

Set the palaces of Persepolis, in the year (330 BC) by Alexander the Macedonian was burned and all its buildings in ruins income.

The remaining buildings and ruins half, building main entrance to the palace of Persepolis is known and consists of a central hall with 36 columns, three-column portico with 12 parts of northern, southern and eastern North and East that Ayvanhay by Plkanhayy the front courtyards are connected and related.

Gallery in the palace 16 meters long and 18 meters tall columns. Aynmjmvh in Iran and also in the list of UNESCO World Heritage list of monuments has been registered.

Persepolis architecture arts

The golden ratio is an important ratio in geometry that exists in nature. This represents an ancient Abranyan art in architecture.

A picture of the grandeur of palaces

Today what remains of Persepolis can only be very vague picture of glory palaces in imagination. Nevertheless, it must be through a historical map of the architectural details of the building palaces and use a bit of imagination, to realize the importance and magnitude of the palaces.

Persepolis has a heating and ventilation system, which is warm in winter and cool summer and indoors it is mild. MARVDASHT lush plains, high ceilings and wide spaces, open doors and windows Multiple Persepolis in summer air temperature is cool and in winter brick walls and plaster layers are given a thermal insulation, long and thick purple curtains that prevents frost penetration into the hall space, covering the wooden ceiling that is a matter in a warming environment has a great impact.

Persepolis has been water and sewage systems, water supply and sanitation in Persepolis underground ducts winding discovered that reaches a length of over 2 km.

second, the right place and the glory for ceremonies and celebrations, which at that time were held (festivals, invertebrates and feasts of Nowruz) According to historians at Persepolis over 120,000 gold coins and silver, porcelain and sculptures of very pure, furnishings expensive, golden benches, clothes Vfrshhay precious purple and maintenance .... was that the siege of Alexander the Macedonian all these objects were looted or burned, or was.

Persepolis was neither town nor castle, a magnificent place to hold big events of the Shah of Iran heads of state and representatives of 28 countries of the levee were to attend.

Persepolis were cast during the reign of Darius the original design of the building. From the first number and location of palaces, mansions and separate applications for each set was marked.

To set up the building of three major building materials (wood, clay and limestone raw and cooked local) is used. Wood that is generated onsite was not compatible with the tastes of designers and architects were Vnagzyr wood suitable for remote areas carry the palaces of Persepolis. For example, the beams of cedar wood, which at the time only in Lebanon is growing.

Mud bricks in the walls and ceiling robes went to work that did not last long. The rain washed bricks and collapsed by the earthquake. Stone Mountain of Mercy for masons and architects Jamshid was perfect in every way.

It's very hard limestone and various colors white, amber, black, smoked and well removed. In particular the type of black marble comes in the form of polishing. Many pieces of hardware chuck rocks have been linked to the name swallowtail.

Mortar between the stones have been used. With glazed brick walls and floor are covered with plaster. Wasim was adorned with gold pieces on the doors. Large colored curtains can add beauty inside and outside the House. Exquisite carpets the floor of his eyes staring.

Virtually no possibility of the building at the time of King Darius Persepolis finish. The construction of this massive building during the reign of his son Xerxes I and Artaxerxes continued his grandson. The building training for nearly 200 years.

Achaemenid Persepolis in the building were inspired from various sources. Goths at least two rich culture, Avratv Elam in the north and in the south, knew and they were used for shedding solid foundation of thought in architecture.

Achaemenid campaign in Egypt, Babylon, Lydia and Europe, were familiar with the ideas in the field of architecture and gain wealth, artists and masons and architects in the development and beautification of Persepolis recruited.

Note that hard unbelievable. This is reality
Fools ...
Fools do not consciously to stupidity, many of them even think that the wise and the wise are not stupid, stupid careful of your life.
miami 1934
Tease girls are complied sign warning of adequate coverage on the beach.
Miami Beach 1934.
Well, my good friends New Year Greetings to you all, but I have to go to sleep because I remember that Nrfthmn am from Iran of tomorrow to try and shut down instead I'm empty holiday


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am jastina im 15 years old and i from iran
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